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Basketball is an increasingly popular sport, played by more than 500 million people around the world.

PARIS is an innovative vision of basketball. It is a structure that gives pride of place to training, which weaves partnerships with public and private institutions, which mobilizes the actors of local life.

It is a community of experts who collaborate to meet the needs in this sport, to create social ties, economic growth between the different actors, and to improve the lives of populations.

PARIS, it is a quality supervision for young people from 5 years old who wish to practice basketball in leisure or in competition.

It is also a senior men's team that plays in the regional championship, and a real talent scout!

PARIS celebrated its 15th anniversary in September 2020 and is recognized as a "general interest organization" within the meaning of articles 200-1-b and 238 bis -1-a of the CGI (General Tax Code).

Our sports project

PARIS carries a strong sporting project which is anchored above all in a societal ambition.
Our club aims to develop its basketball initiation activity for young Parisians, in the areas most in demand for this type of initiative, in particular the peripheral border of the 20th arrondissement. Recently, the club also offers the discovery of football for children in Leisure practice.

The Senior RM1 team of PARIS evolves at the pre-national level. The club attaches great importance to the sporting success of its teams engaged in competition, emphasizes training and organizes throughout the year advanced training courses, and during the summer, detections and physical preparation. Juniors / Seniors ahead of the sports season.

It also wishes to offer free basketball courses open to all young people from the districts in which its activity is located during school vacation periods.

In order to promote the feeling of belonging to the club and always with a view to promoting team spirit, the club offers each member, whatever their age, the opportunity to obtain personalized equipment (shirt + shorts).

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