Paris Panthers

Education through sport

This project, developed with the Jean Perrin college (Paris 20) since 2021, in partnership with the City of Paris and Paris 2024, aims to promote living together and social diversity by proposing an action over the duration of a school year at an audience of 15 to 20 middle school students aged 11 to 15, selected by the school.

This project takes on all the more meaning in this post-health crisis period which has left significant consequences for many young people who are already vulnerable.

We believe that sport is an essential complement to school in the education of young people and that it is a vector of strong values (sharing, tenacity, commitment, cohesion, self-esteem, etc.) of which some young people, by their situation social, can be distant.

The objectives of this project are as follows: to build one's identity through sport, to achieve equal opportunities, to change one's relationship to the body.

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